Sarah Darer Littman (saraclaradara) wrote,

My Butt's Back In the Chair!

Thanks to the meeting of my writing group this evening, I put aside the column I'm halfway through and decided to pull out a middle grade idea that I'd worked on two years ago before starting on The Novel Formerly Known As Ketchup. Churned out over 1,000 words and felt good about it. My critique group loved the voice. It feels good to be back in novel writing mode again - I'd been starting to get the "OMG! What if my first two novels were flukes?" anxiety. I guess this is progress from the "What if I'm a one-hit wonder?" anxiety I experienced previously.

For those of you who've written lots of books - does this anxiety that all the books have come before were just flukes and you'll never be able to write another book again go away? (please say yes...)

And now...I've got to go do some research for my column so I can finish it tomorrow.
Tags: anxiety, writing
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