Sarah Darer Littman (saraclaradara) wrote,
Sarah Darer Littman

Thursday Thoughts - Now with Rant!

1. Have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken since we got back from Florida, which, incidentally, was a lot of fun except for the one day that I either had a 24 hour stomach virus or food poisoning and was confined to the hotel room sleeping and puking. Perhaps the most frustrating part was being at Universal Studios and seeing Hogwarts Castle but not being able to go because the Wizarding World of Harry Potter doesn't open until June. It looks so awesome. I stood and gazed longingly from across the moat, wishing I could just fly across on my Firebolt and take a gander. *mopes*

2. In other news...PURGE is out in paperback! And there will be a contest with giveaways, along with an awesome new book trailer, in the very near future. STAY TUNED.

3. This weekend, I will be joining a plethora of interesting authors at the Hudson Children's Book Festival in Hudson, NY. This is a really fantastic and well organized event, so if you can make it please come! I'm going to be on a panel from 1:30-2:15 on Writing about Social/Political Issues with Neesha Meminger, Zetta Elliott and Lyn Miller Lachmann. The schedule is packed with terrific events for all ages, and Hudson, NY is a really lovely town.

4. I'm starting a part-time job next week at The Voracious Reader bookstore in Larchmont, NY! I've been looking for part-time work on and off for a while, and this seemed like a great opportunity. Francine, the owner, has lots of great ideas for the store, which is focused on kids and YA, and I'm excited to be a part of helping her to make them a reality. And as I always say to kids when I speak at career days - try to make a living out of your passion. How better to do that than working in an independent bookstore?

5. Sarah McCarry's allegedly feminist article "Faking Nice in the Blogosphere- Women and Book Reviews" has a lot of people, myself included, steamed. Unfortunately I have a lot of work to do today to get ready for the book festival this weekend, not to mention writing, so I don't have time for the full fledged rant I'd really like to pen. But how misogynistic is it to lump women bloggers and reviewers as a group as "cultlike apologists" incapable of critical thought? And what particularly gets my goat is that she's specifically attacking YA, because it's "a genre almost overwhelmingly produced and consumed by women". I'm sure this comes as a surprise to MT Anderson, John Green, Eric Luper, David Levithan, Gordon Korman not to mention my author crush, the talented and gorgeous Markus Zusak.

In my experience, the best YA book bloggers out there do not hesitate when it comes to honesty and critical thought. And as an author, I appreciate that. There's one person, who didn't like my second book as much as she liked my first book and said so on her blog. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt to read that, because I REALLY respect her opinion, but I tell you, I took her criticism on board and I think it helped spur me to work even harder polishing and revising my third book. I'll be really interested to see what she thinks of that one. It's like Simon on American Idol. Yeah, he can be overly mean, but the reason why people like him (and frankly, why I think the show will suck when he leaves) is because he's the only one on the show who you can count on to tell it like he sees it, so when he compliments someone, you know it really means something.

What are your thoughts?
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