Sarah Darer Littman (saraclaradara) wrote,
Sarah Darer Littman

Watching my words come alive - an unexpected gift!

About two weeks ago, my Google alert turned up a newspaper article about a speech team, focusing on the two captains, high school seniors who had done very well this year in competition. One, a girl named, Sarah, had performed a monologue from my book, PURGE.

I was really excited by that - and sooo curious to know what passage she'd used. I know which one I usually do for a reading. I posted the link on my Facebook page and said I wish I knew what she'd done.
A friend of mine promptly sent me a link to her Facebook and said, "Why don't you ask her?"

The thing is, this young lady is a minor, with a private Facebook page, and I've just written a book about Internet predators, so I'm particularly sensitive about approaching underage kids online. But I was so excited about it. My friends and I debated on my Facebook page for a while - with me worrying if she would think me a creeper stalker, and them saying they would be tickled pink if the author of a book they'd been using for a monologue contacted them.

Because she had a private FB profile, I had to friend her to write her a message, so I wrote in the friend request that I was the author of PURGE and I was so excited about her using my book etc etc.

Luckily for me, she accepted my friend request. We ended up having a wonderful dialogue, and she agreed to video herself doing the monologue so I could put it on my website. I told her I wanted her to check that it was okay with her parents and we agreed that we'd only use her first name. I asked her if she'd worried that I was a creeper stalker and she said for about two minutes, but she checked with her mom (SMART GIRL!) and they decided I was legit.

And so, I'm so proud and happy to show you the amazing Sarah, who has thrilled me by bringing my words to life:

In other happy news, PURGE was on the list of the Best Books of the Year from The Bank Street College of Education Children's Book Committee.
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