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It's been really incredible to see how far and wide "Q & A" has traveled online, and the wide variety on people it seems to have touched. Son and my blue haired alter-egos have showed up on such diverse blogs as Mental Floss, NPR's Speaking of Faith to anti-abortion activist Jill Stanek's blog, which seemed somewhat ironic to both Son and me since we're both pro-choice and with my daughter and his sister living with Type 1 diabetes are we're supporters of embryonic stem-cell research. We were even tweeted by Jake Tepper,ABC's Senior White House correspondent, which set my evil twin saramerica's heart all aflutter. It's wild. The You Tube version of Q & A has over 537,000 views, and the Vimeo version has 115,000. Turns out our blue haired selves are viral internet sensations. It's made me wonder if I should dye my hair blue in real life and then my YA novels might make the NYT bestseller list. What do you think?

I guess even if I didn't make the NYT bestseller list I'd get to embarrass the heck out of my kids. Can you imagine my daughter's face if I showed up at her 8th graduation with BLUE HAIR? *cackles evilly, imagining the revenge for recent eye rolling and attitude*

So of course I've spent a time reading the comments on on various blogs and on YouTube etc, many of which say terribly complementary things about my mothering skills. It would be so easy to get, yanno, self-confidence right about now. Or even, dare I say it, a trifle big headed. But fortunately, I have the perfect remedy for that:

Yes, this was awarded to me by Son many years ago. We fondly refer to it as the FAT UGLY MUMMY Award. I particularly love the devil horns and the "I am EVIL" speech bubble, like just in case I missed the fact that I was not his favorite person. I'm seriously proud of award and have kept it pinned up on my bulletin board ever since Josh gave it to me in a fit of anger.

Not to be outdone, his sister has given me several Bad Mom awards and a this:

I can't remember which of the many times I've almost set the house on fire this was for, but I do remember it was well deserved.

It's always good to know where you stand. Last weekend over dinner, I was discussing Pat Buchanan's latest and Son said, "This is why I should be Dictator of America."

Daughter and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. I'm not quite sure what Kerri, our dinner guest, made of all this, but I decided to give Son some rope.

"Okay, Dictator. What's your platform?"

He said that he would close all US military bases in Europe (he happens to be writing a paper about this at the moment) and create closer relations with China.

"How would you create closer relations with China? And how would you do that without compromising our democratic principles?" I asked.

He gave me the "over the glasses look".

"What democratic principles? The US is a dictatorship!"

This is what happens when a merely gifted Mom argues with her Mensa teen son.

But here's the best (worst) part.

"So, if you're The Dictator of America and I'm your Mother, does that mean I can dictate to you?" I asked.

Without as second of thought I got my answer.

"Nah. I'd probably throw you in jail or something."

I had to explain to the kid that while future Dictators of America might not think they need diplomatic skills, those whose birthdays are imminent and are expecting presents probably should not be telling Mommie Dearest (even if she is FAT AND UGLY with DEVIL HORNS) that they would throw her in the slammer.

But anyway, back to books and writing. I've read two amazing books recently - SPLIT by Swati Avasthi, a powerful tale of a teen escaping, both physically and mentally from a background of domestic abuse, and PERSEPOLIS, a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi about her childhood in post-revolution Iran. Both highly recommended.

Today I had to go to Sephora to complete a superstitious writing ritual. I'm working something new and whenever I do that I have to get a new fragrance. The nice saleslady at Sephora thought I was a little nuts (possibly a lot nuts) because I was taking so long with the little fragrance sticks, but once I choose a new fragrance for that project I wear it the whole time I'm working on that project, through all the revisions, author appearances, everything. I explained to her that I always get a new fragrance whenever I start a book. "When ever you read a new book?" she said. I tried to imagine how expensive THAT perfume habit would be, and how I wouldn't even be able to get into my bathroom for all the perfume bottle! "No, when I start to write one," I told her.

It's just once of my weirdo author ritual thingies. By the way, did you know that smelling coffee beans helps clear your nose? The nice sales lady helpfully offered me a tin of coffee beans and I was carrying it around practically snorting it in between sniffs of perfume. It really works! Score another one for the MIRACLE COFFEE BEAN!!
Anyway, ended up with this:

Now I need to go spritz some on and let it work its magic!


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